10 Types Of Customers Services

Keeping customers happy and satisfied is very important for the success of any business. It has become so important that providing customer service has itself become a business. There are many organizations which provide customer service on the behalf of larger companies. By outsourcing their work, companies save their efforts as well as time.

Customer service is a way to take care of the customer’s requirements by providing professional, good quality and supportive assistance before, during and after the customer’s purchase. Customers always expect to receive quick and resourceful responses to their queries. They have a lack of patience and hate to wait. They get annoyed easily and delay in providing effective service lead to frustration, exasperation, and anger.This class is full of ideas on How we attract Customers, How to get new customer On board,How to support through email, website, live chat and Much more. Also we go through the Descriptive Research – Characteristics, Methods, Examples, Advantages..SO let’s get started..



A customer wants to be treated with respect and care and they expect politeness and courtesy from the service provider. The lack of all of these makes a customer switch to other business and in worse scenarios, they post negative comments on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even they give negative reviews about the services of the company which gives negative publicity about the company. Social media nowadays is a strong platform which can make or ruin a company because it has the reach to the people of the entire world.

No organization can afford to be publicized negatively on the social media platform. Therefore, customer service has become an important segment of every business and companies are spending billion dollars of money to provide before and after services to their customers and to keep them satisfied. On the other hand, a satisfied customer will return again and again and will provide the more business to the company, along with this, some customers are kind enough to give positive reviews on the social media which boost the image of the company.

In addition to that, if a customer is really happy and satisfied with the services provided, he/she will act as the advocate for the company and recommend the services of the company to their family and friends.

Any company which has been in business knows that customers build their business. The power lies in the hands of customers and they are in-charge of company-customer relationship and it is fair too because they are the end user of the company’s products. Therefore, they have all rights to expect the top-class services. In this article, you will learn about the different types of customer services. Companies provide services as per the expectations of customers which not only attract more customers but also retain them for a long time.

Therefore, companies provide different types of customer services to cater to the needs of diverse customers.  this segmentation is done on the basis of a few aspects, such as people’s lifestyle, their reachability based on demography and other aspects. Customer services also depend on the nature of the company’s business. It is very difficult for a company to do the segmentation of its customers.

Therefore, it will be prudent for a company to provide multiple types of customer services, so that, customers can access services as per their requirements. Here, you will get to know about the different customer services provided by the companies to hold their customers.

1) Email support :

Types of customers services - 1

Email is one of the fastest and reliable ways to provide customer service to customers. Customers can write emails to the company containing their queries and can get a prompt reply from the service provider. It is considered to be a convenient way by many people to get connect with the companies. According to the Radicati Group, there are almost 3.2 billion email users in the entire world who sends a total of 269 billion emails every day. It is considered a cost-effective way to respond to the queries of customers.

email can also be used to provide specific information using the link to the company’s website, attaching files etc. there are companies like Zendesk and Freshdesk available in the market which provides customer service software and automation.

Customer service software and automation help to sort and prioritize the support issues which makes the experience convenient for both customer and service provider. Customers usually have lack of patience and they don’t want to wait for days to get a response, therefore, it is advisable to respond to all queries of the customers within the 24 hours after receiving an email. According to an online survey, 62% of the companies don’t respond to the emails of their customers, which is not appropriate business ethics.

2) Live chat support :

Types of customers services - 2

This type of customer service can be seen on the right bottom corner of the websites of most companies. This service is greatly appreciated by users who avoid human interaction. A customer can make queries and get responses even in the middle of a purchase. Service providers usually limit the time for live chat interaction to weekdays. According to a survey of digital, 73% of people prefer to live chat support whereas 61% of people prefer emails and only 44% of people likes telephonic interaction to the service.

You need to hire live chat agents who can effectively handle the written queries. You can provide an alternative method such FAQ or help videos or demos to your customers when live chat is not available. Plugins can be installed on the websites. Plugins can be purchased and installed from Zendesk, PureChat, and LiveChat.

3) Social media support :

Types of customers services - 3

Recently, social media is becoming the most popular platform for every business to reach their customers. Social media platform is used by many companies to advertise their businesses and make people aware of the products and services provided by them. However, social media platform can also be used to provide support to the customers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most famous social media platform to provide help to customers. Other than that, WhatsApp can also be used to provide information about the order placement and delivery.

For example, BookMyShow sends WhatsApp message to the person about the theater details and movie time. Social media accounts require a dedicated team to promptly answer the queries because sometimes customers post about their negative experience on the social media pages which has to be dealt immediately, otherwise, those might ruin the image of the company. By providing timely help, you can show your potential customers how caring you are for your customers.

4) Telecommunication support :

Types of customers services - 4

Telecommunication is probably the oldest type of customers service. Telecommunication service pertains to agents providing information about a particular product or service to customers by receiving phone calls. To provide this type of customer service company should provide a single telephone number, which customers can reach whenever they want to inquire or make a request about their product orders or services. A company should make that number available on all platforms such as company’s official website and Facebook page etc.

You can set up a call center or hire a few people who can handle phone calls. Make sure your customer service providers should be well informed about the products and services provided by your company. They should be able to handle customer’s queries, both in regional and English language, patiently and give a good description of the situation. They should be good at verbal and written communication.

To work better with telecommunication, you will need a Dedicated Voice Response System (VRS), which can direct people to the service provider as per their needs. This type of customer service is an expensive but effective type of service. It can be classified into two types such as inbound call service and outbound call service. Inbound call service is dedicated to receiving customers calls whereas outbound call service is dedicated to calling customers. You set up either one or both type of customer service as per your requirements.

5) Self – service knowledge base :

There are certain people who want to be able to access information easily. They want to answer their question on their own. Such customers do not require much handling because of their comfortable finding information through the self-service knowledge base. This type of customer service is inexpensive and require zero wait time from a customer.

However, information should be well organized and includes videos, images, and step – by – step procedures. Self – service knowledge base should be kept up – to – date with the terms and policies of the company. The type of customer service works well along with other customer services such as live chat or phone calls.

6) Interactive voice response representatives :

Interactive Voice Response representative system is an artificial response system which features a voice recognition system. it can understand the problem described by a customer and direct him/her to the information they want. For example, if a customer calls with a question about his/her order, the IVR might ask the order number and retrieve information about the status of the order.

This type of customer service requires a good investment initially to set up. However, IVR has various advantages over traditional telecommunication system such as, it can take many queries in less time and also IVR can answer the customer’s queries after the working hours and even in the weekends. This type of customer service is for the working-class segment.

7) FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions :

Types of customers services - 6

This type of customer service requires the least amount of investment. A Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page can be created on official website or App as well as on the social media platforms. You can hire a content writer to prepare a list of all relevant and frequently asked questions and queries and their answers and solutions.

A person who prepares FAQ must have deep knowledge about the company’s products and services as well as have knowledge about the company’s policies. The FAQ is also helpful to convert potential customers.

8) Help videos- Demos or webinars :

Types of customers services - 5

Nowadays, people are tech savvy and they research about the things or services, to make their worth, before buying them. Providing help videos and free of cost webinar can give them a platform to try your services before investing in them.

For example, an online course provider website usually gives access to the first lesson free of cost, which helps the client to decide if they want to take a certain course or not. However, help videos are also helpful to teach your customers how to use a certain product after buying it.

9) On-site Customer service :

This type of customer service is provided at the home or workplace of the customer. companies can provide information about these types of services on their official website or they can mention contact information in the catalogues provided with the products. However, this type of customer service is not free of charge. The minimum amount is charged according to the repair done.

But it can ensure the authenticity of the replaced parts. Some companies run separate business for providing these types of services. However, some companies outsource their customer service to other companies to reduce the workload on themselves.

10) Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) :

Annual Maintenance Contract is also one of the modern ways of providing services to customers. It is the best way to maintain customers loyalty to the organization. Many organizations provide free of cost or at a minimal charges AMC to the customers who buy their products. Prominent examples of such organizations are AC and water purifier companies. These companies provide Annual Maintenance Contract to the customer after installing the unit in their homes. In this way, they can stay in touch with customers.

AMC can be provided to the customers free of cost before their warranty or contract expires. After the contract expires customers can be asked to renew the contract or get the paid services. Few companies like Apple don’t repair device. They exchange the device with a new similar device whenever any fault or problem occurs.

Descriptive Research – Characteristics, Methods, Examples, Advantages

Descriptive research is a type of research that provides an in-depth description of the phenomenon or population under study. Descriptive research is neither in the category of qualitative research nor in the class of quantitative research, but it uses the features of both types of research.

Descriptive research emphasizes what kind of question to be asked in the research study. The descriptive research provides the answer to the “what” part of a research and does not answer the questions why/when/how.

Descriptive research is a suitable choice if you want to learn about the trends of a particular field or the frequency of an event. This research is also an appropriate option when you do not have any information about the research problem, and primary information gathering is required to establish a hypothesis. In this article, you will learn about the characteristics, methods, examples, advantages, and disadvantages of descriptive research.

Characteristics of Descriptive Research

Characteristics of Descriptive Research

1. Statistical Outcome

Descriptive research answers the “what” questions in statistical form. As the output is in emphasizes form, it is easy for the researcher to deduce results and implement them. Because of this characteristic of descriptive research, it is popularly used in market researches.

2. The basis for secondary research

The results obtained from descriptive research is in statistical form. Therefore, it can also be used as secondary data for similar research problems. In addition to this, different research techniques can be applied to the data for the analysis of various factors of the research problem.

3. Unrestrained variable

Random variables are used in descriptive research. Therefore, it is not in the hands of researchers to control the variables of descriptive research. In descriptive research, the natural behavior of participants is observed to learn about them.

4. Natural setting

Descriptive researches are usually conducted in natural settings. For example, you can distribute questionnaires of surveys among random people, or in an observational method, you can observe the behavior of people in a particular environment. For example, if you want to learn about the buying behavior of people, then you can go to a supermarket and observe people.

5. Cross-sectional study

In descriptive research, different aspects of a single group are studied and compared to gain a different insight into the group.

Methods of Descriptive Research

Methods of Descriptive Research

There are three methods of descriptive research

1. Case study method

The case study method refers to the in-depth and detailed study of the subject, person or case, which is to be studied. A case study involves a formal research method to carry out the research. Using the outcomes obtained from the case study research hypothesis can be established, which can be used to expand the horizons of research.

However, case study research is not suitable to determine the relationship between cause and effect as it does not provide accurate results. Moreover, the outcome of the case study method is relevant to that particular case and similar cases and can’t be generalised. Case studies are focused on interesting and unusual cases that are complex and challenging and provide additional information about a particular case.

For example, in a medical case study, researchers study a rare medical case to get more knowledge about the medical case. Similarly, case study methods are used by scientists to learn about unusual phenomenon.

2. Observational Method

Observational research is a type of non-experimental research. Observational research can be defined as a type of research where the researcher observes the ongoing behaviors of the subject being studied. Observational research is majorly used in the marketing and social science fields. In observational research, the researcher finds the actions of subjects under study in their natural setting.

Observational methods are different from experimental research methods because, in experimental research methods, an artificial environment is created for the subjects under study. An observational study can be of two types, naturalistic observation or participant observation. A naturalistic observation study means the study of subjects when they are at their natural behavior.

In participant observation, people being observed in the research study are aware of the observation. They are asked to take part in the observation study. Observational research methods are suitable for studying the behavior of subjects under the study. However, this research is incapable of providing information about the actual cause of the behaviours of subjects under study.

3. Survey Research

Survey research is one of the most popular and easy forms of research to obtain information or to collect data. A questionnaire is prepared to contain questions related to the research problem either on paper or in any digital format. These questionnaires are distributed among random people in the hope of getting their accurate opinion.

The survey research method is popularly used in University researches and business researches. Survey research is also called primary research and can be used with other research methods to obtain accurate outcomes.

Moreover, data collected from survey research can be used as secondary research data by other researchers.

Examples of descriptive research

Examples of descriptive research

Let us take the case of a sports clothing brand. The sports brand wants to set up a business in selling gym gears. They want to know about in detail about the kind of clothes people want to wear while exercising in the gym. To get in-depth information about the preference of people, they adopted two descriptive methods one is naturalistic observation, and the other is a survey.

In naturalistic observation, they started observing people at different gyms and silently learn about the kind of clothes they prefer to wear. To know more about their choices, they conducted a survey and distributed questionnaire containing questions like How much would they like to spend on a sports track pant?

What color of gym gear do they prefer to wear while working out? Answer to these questions will provide them the knowledge that was difficult to obtain through observing.

A restaurant planned to start to serve continental food to its customers. Therefore, to learn about the choice of people in flavor and taste, they an observation method to learn about what kind of spreads, herbs, and meat preferred by people.

Advantages of descriptive research

Advantages of descriptive research
  1. Data collected from descriptive research is helpful in important decision-making because the data is obtained from a large population. Because using the descriptive survey method, statistical information can be obtained, and analysis of that data can be made to deduce desired results.
  2. A variety of data can be obtained using different descriptive research methods like surveys, observation, and vase study. These three research methods provide different type of data which can be used to analysis for a research problem. For example, using the case study research method can be used to develop a hypothesis about a research problem.
  3. One advantage of descriptive research over other research methods is that it is cheap and quick to conduct descriptive research. You don’t require having a great place dedicated only to research. Descriptive research like observation research can be held in natural settings, and you can distribute surveys to people online or get them answered by random people at your business place or other public places.
  4. Descriptive research provides both quantitative and qualitative data. The variety of data provides a holistic understanding of the research problem.
  5. Descriptive research can be conducted in natural settings. There is no need to have a designated space to conduct research using any of the descriptive research methods.

Disadvantages of descriptive research

  1. Descriptive methods only provide the answers for “what” and do not answer the why and how. Therefore, descriptive research methods are not suitable for determining cause and effect relationships.
  2. Descriptive methods mainly depend on the responses of people. There are chances that people might not act their true selves if they know they are being observed. In the case of the survey method, there are chances that some people don’t answer the questions honestly, which makes the output of the descriptive research study invalid. Because the results derived from this type of data will not be accurate.
  3. Another problem associated with descriptive research is the halo effect. A researcher might get partial if he knows the participant personally. The observations made in this way would be considered invalid.
  4. In descriptive research methods, participants are picked randomly. The randomness of the sample can’t represent the whole population accurately.

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