9 tips for achieving customer satisfaction

Hi this is {narrator name}.A business runs as long as it has customers and it becomes successful when its customers repeatedly come back. Companies seek to increase their revenue by managing the customer asset and so they recognize the long-term value of both potential and current customers.

Once customers are acquired, regardless of the product or service the companies sell to them, the customers will not stay loyal unless they are treated properly before, during and after a sale. As it can be seen, businesses have to permanently aim for optimum customer satisfaction in order to ensure long-run relationships. Statistics show that businesses which offer their clients quality service better then they expect, have a much better chance to secure a stable position in the industry they operate in. In fact, they can become the leader of those industries.This class is about How to satisfy your clients and Hold them and convert them for other projects too.In this class we are going to learn, how to communicate with the customers,How to make there job easy,mportance of Customer Experience Management,How to Manage Customer Experience? and many more tips to improve customer experience. So, without any delay.. Let’s get started


Look around, and any top brand that you see, will have an amazing customer service process in place.

As every customer is unique, sometimes it can become difficult to satisfy all of them. However, there are several activities that businesses can perform which work mostly for every customer group.

Customer experience can be defined as a collection of interaction or experience of the customer while buying the product or availing the service from customers’ point of view. It could be reaction or feeling – conscious or subconscious – of the customer to the product or promotion or anything which is related to the buying process.

The customer experience starts right from the promotion of product or service by the company till the buying process and after sales service. A good customer experience can be evaluated by repeat buying or repeat sale. Companies have rated customer experience as one of the most important criteria for customer satisfaction, goodwill and to increase brand equity in the market.

Customer experience management is overseeing the process of processing and executing the reactions to the customer reactions. This would be carried out either to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer and thereby increase customer satisfaction.

It is not a onetime strategy to execute rather it is a continuously developing process based on inputs provided by customers and experiences. Customer experience can never attain a level of completeness and saturation because it can always be improved. Customer experience is something which is measured relative to other companies and no company can provide perfect customer experience.




1) Communicating with the customers

Regular interaction with your customers is a must in today’s business world. If they feel that you are communicating with them openly, they will also believe that their relationship with your company is one of mutual trust.

Communicate with them effectively by approaching tasks with confidence, and attempt to find out more about their needs. In the same time be honest about what exactly you can offer to them and discuss the difficulties frankly with them. You should deal with your customers in a forthright manner and annihilate negative situations even before they occur.

2) Make the job easy

A ‘’can-do’’ attitude always make the customer happy, and that is why you have to ensure that your employees are well-trained and competent for the job required so they can easily solve any unexpected problem that might arise. Empower them to make decisions while they perform their activities and use their creativity. The customer should never feel the need to talk to a superior.

3) Prompt service

We live in speed century, and almost nobody has time today. The customer expects a prompt service, therefore when asking for service help; he should never have to make a second call. Emphasize quality and set internal deadlines for accomplishing tasks timely and efficiently as a standard service. Ensure that these standards are well understood by the employees and promoted to customers.

4) ‘’There is only one boss, and that is the customer’’

It is worth to know that it takes much more revenue and concentration to acquire a new customer then it takes to keep an existing one. A typical dissatisfied customer will tell about his experience to 10 people around him while a satisfied one will tell no one. Remember that approximately 7 out of 10 customers who have complaint will return back to you if their complaint is resolved on the spot. In fact, people who are very satisfied with the product, will become a positive word of mouth proponents. So be prepared to respond positively to complaints and to deal with day to day uncertainty.

5) Group the customers properly and treat them accordingly

When applied to business field, Pareto principle (80/20) says that it is very often that a small proportion of your customer base which is represented by 20% generate 80% of your sales and profits. Knowing in which group each customer falls, allows you to make a clear distinction between who needs what. Make sure that you focus on the other 80% of the customer and surprise them by offering them extra benefits and services. In the end, it is not about ‘’satisfying’’ the customer, but ‘’amazing’’ him.

6) Ensure that your customers are well informed about your value proposition

When the customer has made a purchase, let him know about the whole package of services that comes with the sale. Let him know about what you can offer him after the purchase, instead of letting him come back and ask for support.

7) Have solutions instead of dead ends

Make sure that you offer the customers positive solutions instead of more problems. They do not like to hear what you cannot do or what is the reason for not being able to meet their needs. So if their screen has broken and it is not covered under your warranty, be ready with the right department who can immediately solve the customer complaint. In fact, even on the sales floor, if the customer asks for a product which is not in your catlog, you should have the knowledge to direct the customer to the right company / other department.

8) Encourage complaints

Research shows that 95% of dissatisfied customers won’t complaint, but this also means that they will never do business with you again. A regular email or a feedback form, asking for customers feedback will give a chance for them to complaint, in which case you can also email them back with a resolution of the complaint. Many restaurants take feedback, but I don’t see any of them sending a message to the customer that the feedback has been received and that the restaurant will act on it.

9) Conduct customer satisfaction surveys regularly

One way of finding out what your customers like or dislike is through conducting surveys. Customer satisfaction surveys help you to confirm whether you are doing your job properly. It also helps you in discovering flaws in your process. It is one of the fastest ways to improve your product/service as per the expectations of your customers. However, be careful not to overload them with surveys, and keep the questions brief and straight to the point.

What is Customer Experience Management and its Importance?

Importance of Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management - 1
  1. Reiterate the branding in order to promote Brand Recall via a variety of experiences: A successful customer experience management helps in building and developing brands in the minds of the customer, which ultimately helps in the long-term association of the customers and the company.
  2. Increase profits by enhanced sales from a cocktail of new and existing customers: A better customer experience is a sure way of getting sales and it can be from new or existing customers. A satisfied customer will always bring repeat sale and act as word-of-mouth
  3. Customer experience management helps to improve Brand loyalty with the help of better and positive customer interactions, customer satisfaction and customer goodwill. In the long run, these are assets for any company to grow and build future upon.
  4. Propagate the word-of-mouth about the customer experience thereby pulling in new customers
  5. Inculcate the internal staff with better values and importance of Good customer experience thereby improving the process of customer experience management

How to Manage Customer Experience?

Customer experience management - 2

Customer experience management can be done with a good customer experience strategy, which differs from company to company and is largely based on the nature of products or services and the nature of the industry. However, following are the factors which can be managed which in turn manage a positive outcome of customer experience:

1) Training and Education

The customer service and Sales teams are the first points of contact for customers. Training should be provided to both the teams emphasizing the importance of providing better customer experience. Since they are the face of the company to the customers, a standard protocol should be devised for customers in order to maintain customer experience standards. It doesn’t stop at simply training but it also continues with overseeing the application of the same by the staff to the customers.

2) Personalization

The customer experience teams should be trained to greet each customer personally with a personal welcome gesture. Every interaction with the customer should be personal in order to bring a unique feel to the customer experience.

Being just a sales or customer representative with standard texts, although a proper approach, would never excel in customer experience. Instead of being a solution provider, suggesting in order to close the sale, if necessary, are a few things that can be followed. For this understanding correct customer touchpoints are necessary.

For example, it wouldn’t be correct to promote a new product to a customer who has a complaint about an existing product. Rather proactively promoting a product to a customer when he is walking in front of the store would be the right approach.

3) Understand the Customer

The importance of knowing the customer profile cannot be emphasized enough. The company should know everything there is to know about their customers when it comes to buying it. Generation of need preferred buying medium, time, occasion, tastes, age distribution and such things which help in proper positioning and targeting of the product to the right set of customers is crucial.

Personalization can only be done effectively if you know your customer. There are several ways to obtain data such as market research, sales team, competitor data etc. Involvement of social media has made it even easier to access such data.

For example, Facebook pages give Customer insights which have detailed reports of data like customer age group distribution, geography, gender, number of clicks, number of likes, dislikes, time at which maximum users are online etc. This gives a detailed insight into understanding the customer and customizing the promotion accordingly in order to manage the customer experience more effectively.

4) Effective Teams

A part of customer experience is dealing with customer service and sales team. It is very important that the sales pitching should be realistic rather than an unrealistic one. For this process, monitoring is important on the company’s part.

One wrong message from the sales team can geometrically amplify customer expectations and if they are not met, it results in bad customer experience and hence monitoring the sales team is important. The next entity in this process is customer service team. An effective and fast customer service can save business and ensure customer loyalty.

Industries like aviation sector, hotel industry, and hospitals rely solely on providing top-notch customer experience. One dissatisfied customer can spread a negative word of mouth and the company could lose ten potential prospects based on customer service. Hence it is very important to monitor Sales and Customer service teams in order to manage customer experiences.

5) Better product or service

This is one of the basic necessities for excellent customer experience management – to ensure a unique and best in the market product or service. Customers avail a service or buy a product based on their need and if the need is not properly fulfilled, chances are the customer experience will turn negative. An excellent product can always make customers loyal to brand and it also is an important step to provide excellent customer experience.

For example, iPad is undoubtedly the market leader in tablet market. If the customer buys any other tablet based on economic price, chances are he wont be satisfied and later return to buying iPad because although costly, Apple has ensured that the standards are the best in the market and once the customer is satisfied with the product, price and other factors would not be a hindrance.

For years, people have Southwest airlines as best owing to its service. The idea of management is to focus on internal stakeholders which are employees. They say that we ensure that our employees are satisfied with their job since they are the ones who represent us to customers and a satisfied employee will always be responsible for better customer experience by providing a better service.

Similarly, Starbucks focuses on employee training excessively. The training and development focus on not only developing them as better employees but also as better human. People don’t pay for an expensive coffee, rather they pay for the experience. One has to ensure that product or service is of superior quality in order to excel at customer experience.

6) Ethics and Transparency

Effective customer experience management finally comes down to the work culture, business ethics of the company and transparency and trust of the customer over the company. No customer would interact with a company if the state of the employees is not good or where there is no transparency in operations. To develop trust, transparency is essential.

For example, people won’t trust a burger joint which has cheap meat burgers but the process of procuring the meat is shady. If the company is not willing to disclose the process of buying meat to the customers, there would be no trust and customers would move on to another smaller burger joint even if it’s not famous but the processes are crystal clear.

7) Standardization

One of the main reason McDonald’s was able to grow exponentially throughout the world was standardization of their outlets. One can walk in any McDonalds in the world and get the same feeling everywhere. Differences include only in terms of menu options which are customized as per different geographies. This standardization adds to the customer experience and managing it is very important. Following its footsteps, others have joined the league like KFCBurger KingSubway etc.

Above was the complete description of Customer experience management, its importance and how to manage customer experience in your organization. Hope the article helps you in my business / organization.

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