As a Man Thinketh (English) James Allen


Your thoughts are the most important thing in your life. Your thoughts determine your destiny. Be true to your dreams and keep calm. Keep your dreams alive and remain calm. Are you thinking of honesty and dignity? Are you thinking of happiness and serenity or honesty? Are you more likely to think of happiness and serenity? Or anger, laziness, or worldly desires? What are your dreams made of?In this book, you will learn about the power of thoughts.Hi, This is {narrator name}.a Life Transformation Strategist and Visionary who transforms lives by helping people SOAR (Successfully Overcome All Roadblocks) in their life. My class helps people see that if you change your mindset, you can transform your life and achieve your dreams.

Thought and character

A man   is what he thinks. All his thoughts make up his character. What are the thoughts that come up every day in you mind? All of these thoughts make you who you are. The plants that grow from these seeds are your actions.Even when your actions are “spontaneous,” “out of the blue,” or “all of a sudden,” your thoughts influence them.Actions bloom from thoughts. Your actions can bring you joy or pain. You are responsible for what happens to you, good or bad. Good character is built from right thinking. It comes from a person’s initiative to think good thoughts. But a bad or evil character comes from a person’s choice to have evil thoughts.
Man is the master over his own character. A strong will can change a man’s character. Man also has control over his destiny and experiences. If you think negatively, you will attract negative things. We can shape our destiny. We can improve our lives by changing our thoughts. Every day offers us the chance to improve our lives. Take John’s story. He was raised in poverty. His father was always drunk and his mother was always angry. John didn’t learn self-discipline or good character from his parents. He was a bully growing up. He got involved in stealing and marijuana as a teenager.
John felt miserable. He had no direction in life. He felt like he had nothing to offer. John didn’t have any family, friends, money, a job, or a home. One day, John woke up and realized that he wanted to change the course of his life. John decided he wanted to start a family. He wanted to be a parent who would show his love to his children. John gave up all his vices. He started to search for odd jobs. He worked hard, and learned as many skills possible. John eventually met a beautiful girl. He began a new life together. They built a happy, small home for their children. John became a loving husband/father. All it takes is the right thoughts. 

Influence of Thoughts upon Circumstances

There are reactive people. These people complain about the world and blame others. They claim that they are unhappy and that life is unfair. Reactive people don’t realize that they can create their own destinies.Life is not a matter of chance: at least not for active people who take responsibility. People who are calm and composed when faced with difficult situations or people are called active. They give solutions rather than complaining and blaming.A man doesn’t become a beggar or criminal because of destiny or any outside force. It is his choices and thoughts that bring him there. A man who has the right thoughts will never end in jail
To change your life, you have to first change yourself. Don’t rely on outside forces to motivate you. Your motivation must come from within. You can only achieve success, happiness, wealth and love if you put in the effort. Joe is an example of this. He was a garbage collector. He wanted to do something different. He wanted a better job, better income, and a better house. Joe was lazy at work. He was lazy, and he didn’t perform well. Joe reasoned that Joe would not succeed if he was paid poorly. Joe will not succeed as long as his mind is filled by laziness, irresponsibility, and incompetence.
He was a wealthy and overweight businessman. He had heart disease and diabetes. Bob told his doctors that he would do anything to get well. Bob was guilty of gluttony. He continued to eat unhealthy food. He didn’t like how much food he ate. He was the founder of a huge factory. But one day, he went bankrupt, and he couldn’t understand why. Charlie believed that life was unfair. But, the truth is that his thoughts and actions were what led to him in this position.
Charlie didn’t pay his employees the right amount. He wanted to keep more of the profits from his employees, so he violated labor laws. Charlie will never experience prosperity unless he is willing to make changes. Now you realize that you are the sole owner of your circumstances. Good thoughts and positive actions are the best. You will be blessed with good circumstances if you do.

The Effect of Thought on Health & the Body

The body is the servant of your mind, whether you like it or otherwise. Evil thoughts can lead to disease and death. Positive thoughts are good for your health and well-being. Why? Fear will make your body weak. It will make your body vulnerable to the illness. A happy, peaceful mind will result in a healthy, young body. Instead, fill it with thoughts of love and happiness. You’ll be able to see a young face and strong body.
Imagine an 80-year old lady with a beautiful, innocent-looking face. She is happy and content in her life. Then there is the 50-year-old man with all of his wrinkles. He is angry and discontent. Who would you choose to be? A 100-year-old philosopher was on his deathbed. He didn’t feel any pain or hardship. He died in his sleep. His face was peaceful and calm. He lived to 100, but he didn’t suffer any chronic illnesses. He was able and able to teach and learn until his last day. If you allow your mind to be filled with pessimisms, ill will, and suspicion, it will lead you to an early grave. You will build your own prison. However, if your mind is filled with pessimism, ill-will and suspicion, you will find yourself in a very unhappy place. You will find heaven on earth.

Thought and purpose

Thoughts that have no purpose are like bits of bark floating in a sea of thoughts. They don’t know where to go. They go wherever the waves take them. This is a weakness. This is a weakness. Your thoughts will follow your purpose. They will then no longer look like floating bark but will be like ships sailing in open seas. You will weather any storm. You will eventually reach your destination.
Your thoughts should not be lost in fantasies or imaginations. Always think about your purpose. Concentrate on your goal and keep your eyes on it. This will help you to have self-control. This will help you to persevere through any challenge. It will make your success even sweeter. They will be seen as lessons that are part of the adventure. You will make failure an advantage. Is it something you desire to have? Is it a particular status? Do you want a healthy and fit body? Are you looking to become a successful business owner Do you desire to own a beautiful home?
Whatever it is, make that the center of all your thoughts. Let your purpose guide you. Always look straight. Don’t look left or right. Fear and doubt will only hinder your ability to accomplish anything. They will only make you fail. He can do anything he puts his mind to. He is like a sailboat that can sail around the globe.

The Thought-Factor is Key to Achievement

People say that there are slaves because there are oppressors.Therefore, we should hate the oppressor. Some people believe that oppressors exist because slaves are allowed to become them. We should be hateful of slaves. Your success in life is a result of your thoughts. Both the oppressors and slaves are ignorant. Both the oppressor and the slave have wrong thoughts. A man is free if he’s neither a slave nor an oppressor. He is the master of all his thoughts. He doesn’t have weakness, and he doesn’t have selfish thoughts either. Because he has lifted his mind, this man is an achiever.
Let’s take, for example, an oppressor. He cannot make the right decisions and he will not succeed. He is obsessed with his worldly desires. He has no self-control. He is unable to handle serious responsibilities. But his achievements are only limited because his thoughts are limited.An achiever has the capacity to remove negative   thoughts. He can direct his attention to plans of action. He is self-reliant and can be trusted. He can lift his thoughts. He chooses to be noble and righteous as much as possible. As he continues to do so, he will have more achievements, more blessings, and more success.Believe it or not, the universe doesn’t favor the vicious, the dishonest, and the greedy. This is what all the wise men and philosophers have agreed to. The universe supports the virtuous, generous, and honest.
With self-control, purity, and righteousness, a man can rise and achieve more in his life. A man who continues to fail due to corruption, impurity and laziness is a man who descends. Your mind should be clear and focused. Keep your mind focused and focused. If you allow yourself to be lazy or indulgent, then you will fail. Your achievements will end. Your success depends entirely on you.  

Visions and Ideas

A man with a vision or a great idea will soon realize it. Columbus is a prime example. Columbus was an example of this. He was ridiculed by everyone. He was correct, it turned out. The solar system is a reality, and so is the wide universe.Cherish your dreams, your visions, and your ideals.Cherish the music that’s in your heart. They will all come true one day. Wise men say, “Ask, and you shall receive.”
You will achieve what you want. You will achieve everything you want. And so, keep holding on to the beautiful world that’s in your mind because one day, it will be a reality.Remember that all the amazing things we now enjoy in this world were once only a dream. Think about airplanes. There was a time when people only dreamed about flying. We now know that man can fly. The big oak tree waits inside of the small acorn. The egg is home to the beautiful and free bird. So dreams are the seeds that become reality. What’s your dream? Perhaps you’re in a difficult place right now. You might feel that you are far from achieving your dream. Hold on to it. Keep it alive in the center of your heart and work towards it.
Peter was 15 years old when he died. He grew up in poverty. He had been working since he turned nine years old. He didn’t go to school.But Peter dreamed of himself as a decent man, one who was admired and respected. He believed he was intelligent, refined, and graceful. Peter decided to study in his spare time. He reads for an hour at night. He read all the books and newspapers he could find. He learned many new skills. He learned many skills from watching educated men. He was offered a job by the man. The business owner became Peter’s mentor. Peter realized his goals when the mentor of the business owner became his mentor.
Peter was appointed to manage the new branch of the business by its owner. Peter became refined, educated and admired. He was respected just as he had always hoped. They will think Peter is lucky if they see how successful he is. That is because they didn’t see his hardships and suffering. They only see his work. What are your dreams made from? Do you dream of materialistic desires or a better life? You get what you sow. Nothing more, nothing less. Only as big are your dreams.


Wisdom and self-control are the key ingredients to calm. A calm person has a good understanding of the world. He understands that cause and effect are the same in all things. And so, he doesn’t grieve, worry, fuss, or fume anymore. He doesn’t care what happens. He stays calm and collected. He is able to treat others well and people love him. Paul is a great example of this. He owns a small shop. He is a calm and self-reliant individual who has a business that thrives. He is trustworthy, which makes him a favorite worker. He is able to handle pressure with grace.
The strong, calm man will always be loved and respected. He is like an enormous tree that provides shade to many people. He remains stable even when there is a storm.Paul doesn’t burst with anger when something bad happens. He doesn’t react with stupidity. He quickly finds a solution. And so, Paul doesn’t have any bad blood with his suppliers, employees, or customers. His business continues to grow. There is calmness within. Don’t let anxiety and doubt control you. Be in control of your thoughts. Command your mind and say, “Peace, be still!”


It all starts with your mind. You can achieve success and happiness by thinking the right things. If you are unhappy with your life and your character, you can change. Your thoughts should have a purpose. Don’t let your mind become cluttered with negative thoughts. The life that you’ve always wanted is within your grasp. Keep your eyes on the prize and let your thoughts take control.

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